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Eric Beck

Work by Eric Beck

Eric Beck's lifelong relationship with the ocean has helped shape his life. Being an avid sailor and fishermen as well as working summers at the local boatyard has helped form a unique appreciation for the sea. As a skilled craftsman and carpenter, it's only natural that his creative outlets began to assemble unusual pieces of furniture and art.

Most recently, his art has manifested itself as whimsical fish sculptures created by using old tools, rusted or corroded metal, as well as broken rudders and nautical items. These fish reflect Eric's eye for symmetry as well as proportionality, with new pieces carefully added after being selected from a collection of rusty castoffs. Each assemblage is deliberately left in a raw unpolished state with sharp points and edges clearly exposed, and each fish is unique in its size, shape, and composition, as well as the stories behind some of their parts.

Eric's most recent fish sculptures have a more polished shiny look. Each piece is constructed mostly with brass, copper, and stainless steel left in its bright shiny non-weathered state. Each assemblage is constructed from parts of old clocks, bugles or other shiny castoffs.

While on a recent road trip through the west, Eric and his wife collected old yardsticks from flea markets and antique shops. Upon returning to Provincetown he created a coffee table constructed from those old yardsticks supported with parts from broken, discarded chairs. As a result he created other similar yardstick furniture each unique in its appearance and construction. His only dilemma now is where can he find enough old yardsticks and brass clocks to continue his creations.

Represented by Left Bank Gallery, 25 Commercial Street
Wellfleet, MA 02667
508 349-9451

Eric Beck, Studio
33 Nickerson Street
Provincetown, MA
508 487-1946




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