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The Provincetown AIDS Art Archives was established in 1994 by the Provincetown Community Compact, Inc. for the purpose of documenting the lives and work of Lower Cape Cod visual artists, performing artists, writers, and composers who have died of AIDS-related causes.

If you have any photos, writings, images, press clippings, or additional names please contact Ewa Nogiec




What is AIDS?

What is it?
I don't know. All I know is that I hate it.

But what is it?
I don't know. Because of it, my life will never be the same. I hate it.

What is it?
A monster, a virus, a war, a monkey virus, a drug virus, chemical warfare, God's judgement, a population decrese. I don't know. I hate it.

What is it?
It is sorrow, it is pain, it is regret.
It destroys, it saddens. I hate it.

What is it?
It gives you fevers, chills, the sweats, the shits, PCP, Kaposi's Sarcoma, MAI, TB.
It starves you, it blinds you; it disfigures.
It gives you "thrush" -- Candida -- craters in the back of your throat. You can't swallow.
You can't breathe.
You can't walk; you can't talk.
You can't write; you can't think. I hate it.

But what is it?
It took my son. I hate it!

-- Mary Barone
PWA Coalition Newsline, November 1990


Polaroid photograhs by Billy Forlenza


Provincetown AIDS Art Archives

Brigham Auld, floral designer
Richard Booton, sculptor/visual artist
Kenneth L. Bowman, multi-media artist
Robert Bullinger, visual artist
Mark Bulman, visual artist
Bobbie Callicaotte, performer
Brian Campbell, visual artist
Jack Carroll, photographer
Marvin Coble, screenwriter
Dwain Cole, performance artist
Bruce Demarest, performer/singer
Edmund De Stasi, actor/director
Victor D'Lugin, writer
Keith Donohue, visual artist
Kevin Driskel, visual artist
James Evangelista, writer/publisher
Wayland Flowers, performer
Paul Fonseca, dancer/choreographer
Billy Forlenza, photographer
Sal Frinzi, visual artist
Paul Gannon, visual artist
Dieudonne Gignac
Howard Gruber, actor
Tony Hancock, playwright/set designer
Sam Hardison
Paul Hayes, painter
Kent Hines, sculptor
Charles G. Horne, a director and playwright
Robert Ll. Jordan (Leslie London), performer
Eric Kendricks, interior designer, graphics
Ray Keyton, visual artist
John Klima, musician (pianist)
Mark Lincoln, performer
Alan Lozito, actor/performer
Rick Marek, artist
Frank Massey, performer
David Matias (Rodriquez)
Bill Moorehouse, clothing designer
Cookie Mueller, writer/actor
Michael Muller, set design/lighting design
Jeffrey Mzientz, artist (Secrets Gallery)
Wayne O'Brien, disc jockey
Fleming Pedersen, jewelry designer
Dr. Jon Pearson Perry, writer
Michael Prevulsky, director
David Potash, painter
Carl Ramos, visual artist
R. Rhael Rafik, designer/performer
Paul Richard, hairdesigner
Dennis Roberts, karate teacher
David Rodale, playwright
Emily Rossmoore, painter
Craig Russell, performer
Ken Sasha, performer
Don Sterton, visual artist
Michael St. Laurent, performer
Milton Tatelman, advertising copywriter
Denis Thibodeau, visual artist
Greg Tice, designer
Vanilla, performer
Chuckie Vetter, painter, mask-maker
Tom Villard, actor
Adam Wagaman, potter
Richard Weinstock, musician
Ken Whitehead (Tiffany Jones), performer
David Wolff, dancer/choreographer
Sidney Wordell, playwright/lyricist
Paul Wychules, writer/artist


Provincetown AIDS Quilt

Provincetown AIDS Quilt






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