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Frank Carson (1881-1968)


This biography provided by Miraga Siciliano, Senior Art Historian for Hess Fine Art:

Born in Massachusetts in 1881 (Waltham, Massachusetts) Frank grew up in a chaotic revolution of independent and new art styles. With a society that devoured art and discovering his own artistic gifts, he enrolled in several schools of art that included his training in the Massachusetts Normal Art School, the Fenway Art School, the Art Students League in New York City, and the Boothbay Art Colony in Maine.

Throughout his education, he tried to stay true to his many loves, and took up the careers of a writer, a teacher, a critic, and most notably a painter. It appears that Frank Carson had an insatiable thirst to touch the lives of others. He traveled and worked along the New England coast and is noted for working in Bermuda.

Frank Carson's works are boldly colored, some resembling the works of Winston Lawler, Seago, and Paul Gauguin. His developmental growth was encompassed in the transition from Impressionist to Post-Impressionist art. His styles are bold with bold brush strokes; his colors could almost be titled Expressionist. With the sweep of artistic freedom and expression, Frank Carson's work became a favorite among Americans.

During his lifetime he traveled across the country having several solo exhibits including a show at the Washington Art Club, The University of Washington, the Copley Society, and the Brooklyn Museum.

He was also included in group exhibitions including the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art (1919-1931), the Berkley League of Fine Art in Massachusetts (1924), the Boston Art Club, The Buffalo Fine Art
Academy, the Newport Art Association, the Detroit Institute of Art, the Provincetown Art Association, the Gloucester Society of Artists, the Boston Society of Independent Artists, the Toledo Museum of Art, the Providence Art Club, the Providence Watercolor Club, and the Boston Museum of Fine Art.

Today his works are featured in several private collections such as the Berkley League of Fine Art, The Manchester Historic Association, and the Boston Art Club. His works are also featured in the Colby College Museum of Art and the John H. Vanderpoel Art Association.




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