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Morris Davidson
(Rochester 1898 - New York City 1979)



Morris Davidson

Morris Davidson was an abstract painter, art administer, lecturer, teacher and writer.

"Inside the Miller Hill barn were some chairs, an old platform that I took to be a model’s stand, and worktables; other than these, it was empty. I walked around, trying to imagine how it might have been to be a Hawthorne student there in the twenties, or Hofmann’s student when he taught there. (...) As I poked around I noticed a sign about 4 feet long sticking out between a table and the wall. I pulled it out and realized that at least one other artist must have taught there as well. MORRIS DAVIDSON SCHOOL OF ART was painted in fairly crisp blue letters on a now-yellowed, white background. Morris Davidson, the same Morris Davidson I had studied with as a teen-ager, on West 57th Street in New York, a few doors up from the Art Students League." -- read more about Provincetown studios here...

An interview with Davidson conducted for the Smithsonian Institution





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