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Irén Handshuh

(Born 1952 Paris, France)

Iren Handschuh, portrait

Irén Handschuh (l) with Norma Holt

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Sculpture is my self-defense. Making it allows me to function in a world that I feel is beyond my control and at times overwhelming, enabling me to create an alternate universe where I feel empowered and where I find relief from 'reality' and the material/physical world. I was born to cut – whether it be wood, construction materials, or glass. I devote much effort to and derive great pleasure in the pursuit of fine craftsmanship.

I am inspired by Surrealism and feel an affinity with abstraction and the absurd. I have an interest for the "mechanical aspect of sculpture – structure, rotation, and balance... The small scale of my work reflects an instinctual affinity for the miniature or diminutive, but also answers the practical necessities of a life that requires portability, travel, and moving… I must be able to carry tools and materials in a suitcase.

--Irén Handschuh


Represented by Gallery Ehva, 74 Shank Painter Road, Provincetown, MA 02657
tel 508 487 0011

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