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Marsden Hartley




Marsden Hartley

Marsden Hartley (1877-1943), “Untitled” (Ivy with Fruit, Still-Life), n.d., Oil on Canvas, 18” x 26” (Signed Lower Right). Private Collection.


The American artist Marsden Hartley was one of this country's first modern painters. A member of Alfred Stieglitz's circle of avant-garde artists and critics, Hartley spent his life traveling from place to place, often altering his artistic style dramatically with each new environment. Early in his career, he went to Europe to study the works of the European modernists and was influenced as much by the German Expressionists as by the French Fauves and the Cubists, whose work had an impact on other American artists during the same period. Hartley often combined the expressive intensity of German art with the compositional innovations of the Cubists and a mystical symbolism drawn from his own spiritual beliefs. Hartley painted in Germany, New York, and Nova Scotia, before returning, toward the end of his life, to his native Maine where he produced a great number of landscapes.





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