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Mary Kass (Born June 14, 1930, died March 12, 2009)

Mary Kass

Mary Kass, "Happy Birthday," acrylic on paper, 1985, 5.5x7"
Signed on the back. Private collection.


Mary first came to Provincetown to study with Hans Hofmann. She made life-long friends with Haynes Ownby, Lillian Orlowsky and many others Hofmann's students. I met her at Haynes' studio in 1983, when I was his assistant. She was very shy, very private person, with a big smile. We took many walks together, cooked wonderful meals, talked about art, life, Hofmann. She was very fond of Richard E. Smith, my ex-husband, as a person and an artist. She also liked my art and I was very happy she bought one of my big black & white paintings from Provincetown Group Gallery show.

I am very sad about her passing. Wish I was better friend.

Ewa Nogiec, March 21, 2009

Mary Kass, Provincetown dunes, 1985

Mary Kass, Provincetown dunes, 1985.



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