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Jean Kent (1920-1989)

Jean Kent
Jean Kent. Photo by Marian Roth, courtesy J. Lapidus.


by Jacqueline Lapidus


Whale Blissing Out

Breaching in ecstasy, supreme

moment of some cetaceous dream,

she hovers at the apogee

suspended between sun and sea

her massive body motionless

her eyelids closed in perfect bliss:

image of Jean whose inmost gaze

over vast horizons plays

Great whale, may you forever find

and share such joy with womankind!



Whale After Orgasm

As that tremendous wave subsides

all forty feet of her sleek skin

shudder, and a huge sigh

ripples outward to the ocean's

farthest reaches while

her 25-ton body languidly

drifts into sleep with a cetacean smile



Whale with Calf

Diving toward the ocean floor

mother's and baby's noses linked

in a quick cetacean kiss

the artist makes eternal:   long

after science is proved wrong

concerning whale behavior

here's what reminds a daughter this

is the love we're longing for

when all others are extinct



Portrait of Suzie

In doggy peace she lies asleep

innocent as a kitchen mop

but for one paw, and one ear perked

preparing all the rest to bark




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