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Campbell Paxton

John Choly

One theory of style suggests that art is a contest. An artist is always in competition with other artists, with reality, with the challenges presented by subject and the limitations of materials. Most of all he competes with himself. On any given day he can pick his opponents. Mine have ranged from Mannerism to Muybridge, from Classical to Baroque; from wax to bronze to polymer clay. It is a contest for possession. I want to wrest secrets, essential means of expression,

from those who came before, and to absorb them so completely that they become an integral part of my own evolving style. I hope my delight and energy in pursuit of victory are evident and that, though I have created works which are traditional, I have not become merely academic.

Represented by Lyman-Eyer Gallery, 432 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA 02657, tel. 508-487-3937,




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