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Alvin Ross



At the heyday of Abstract Expressionism, Alvin Ross was an anomaly; his precise, finely-wrought still life paintings, done on a small scale, were the antithesis of the large, impetuously brushed evocations of the Expressionist vein rampaging around him.

Ross was a thoughtful artist, an historian as well as a student of art. His frequent trips abroad confirmed his sense of the past, and his use of realism in a period dominated by abstraction in art.

Apples On A Chair is vintage Ross: In the monochromatic white setting of the ripe-red fruit on the chair, the apples become unlikely protagonists (note how the left-hand apple confronts the pair adjacent to it) in a kitchen drama that assumes an unexpected poignancy. Ross died at the height of his powers, and as one of the few artists elected president of the Provincetown Art Association.


The Collection of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, March 3-13, 2000, The National Arts Club, New York, NY; Curatorial Notes: Tony Vevers






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