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Kenneth Stubbs



Stubbs, who was born in the South, came to Provincetown to study with Ambrose Webster in 1931, and also studied in Italy at the Academia delle Belli Arti, in Florence, Italy.

He had a love for the classic art of the past, personified by Piero della Francesca, especially his frescos in Arezzo, which Stubbs and his wife, Miriam were able to film. Stubbs also felt himself part of his era: being modern in time, he was a modern in art.

His favorite paint medium seems to have been casein, a modern product. A water-based paint, caseins lend themselves to a sharp-edged technique, evident in our untitled example, with its pointed shapes that flip back and forth across the face of the picture, a unifying counterpoint to the red ground that sets it off.


The Collection of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, March 3-13, 2000, The National Arts Club, New York, NY; Curatorial Notes: Tony Vevers




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