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Martha Dewing Woodward

Martha Dewing Woodward painting

Martha Dewing Woodward, Tout Sera Bienot Fini, 1892

In the summer of 1896, after several years living and studying in France, Dewing Woodward established the Cape Cod School of Drawing and Painting in Provincetown, MA. The school is now recognized as the first art school in Provincetown, predating Charles Hawthorne’s Cape Cod School of Art, founded 1899.[15] The first students were from Felix Adler’s Ethical Culture Fiedlston School in New York City, where Woodward was head of the art department. Among those students that first year was Norwegian-born artist, Jonas Lie (1880-1940).

Woodward shared her home and studio in Provincetown with Laura Louise Johnson. The two women lived and worked together until the 1920s according to various census records, city directories, and other sources. Laura Louise Johnson was one of six daughters of Henry and Margaret Johnson, who lived at 901 West 4th St., Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Woodward and Johnson had several cottages in Provincetown, “The Pungo,” “Willows,” and “Kedge.” Built on a high dune at 1 Commercial Street, the “Pungo” burned to the ground in 1907, destroying paintings, lectures, and $3,000 worth of antiques.[17] Some artworks painted by Woodward in Provincetown were “Clam Diggers Coming Home – Cape Cod,” “Old Maids Pink – Cape Cod,” “Wren Tower,” “Provincetown,” and “Flowers.” Woodward published a number of short stories about her time in Provincetown, Some Adventures of Two Vagabonds, by One of ‘Em¸ under the pseudonym, Wealthy York (her mother’s maiden name). [Wikipedia]

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