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Agnes Weinrich



Agnes Weinrich, Provincetown painter, 1873-1946

Agnes Weinrich, "Musical Abstraction", oil on board, 12.24 x 10. Private collection.

Agnes Weinrich 1873-1946

Weinrich, who was Karl Knaths’ sister-in-in law, has, until recently, had her star hidden by the position of Knaths, who in the 1940s was the only recognized modernist in American art.

In point of fact, Weinrich was Knaths’ acknowledged teacher when it came to modern art. She had traveled and studied in France and Germany - a contrast to stay-at-home Knaths.

Like Blanche Lazzell, Weinrich studied with Albert Gleizes, the French Cubist painter, who influenced so many of the Provincetown colony. Weinrich, Lazzell and Lucy L’Engle were all founding members of the New York Society of Women Artists (1925) who were all modernists.

Our collage, with its elaborate textures and variety of shapes and surface decorations is unlike the general run of collages from the 1920s and differs from her paintings of the period, which are not as fussy.


The Collection of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, March 3-13, 2000, The National Arts Club, New York, NY; Curatorial Notes: Tony Vevers


Agnes Weinrich, Provincetown painter, 1873-1946






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