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Laurance Young

Art by Provincetown artist Laurancee Young

Painting is a lot like life, changing at every corner. It is a process and a journey, dedicated to a life of observing. I am fascinated by passages of light, shapes and forms that are abstracted by color. As I settle into my middle years, I find that it's all coming together in a richer and denser surface.

With every new painting comes the excitement and joy of a new adventure. It starts with me jumping off into an abyss. It is then my job to find my way back through paint and surface, with images that are both observed and remembered. Whether standing in front of my canvas or watching a backdrop of leaves against a cerulean sky; I am always composing my next painting.

I am a full-time artist raised in Newton Massachusetts and presently living in Provincetown, MA. As many artist's before me, I am captivated by the light and its color plays out on the surface of my canvases. I am both a plein-air painter (painting in the open air) and studio artist..

The direct observation of plein-air painting, and the looser expression of my studio work, complement one another. After years of struggling with my craft, I am finally comfortable in the relationship between what I observe and what I feel.

Laurence Young

Represented by Alden Gallery, 423 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA 02657

studio: 398 Commercial St. (rear), Provincetown

Phone: (508) 487-6851




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