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James R. Zimmerman

(Born 1951)


James Zimmerman was born in Pittsburgh, PA, and studied at the Carnegie-Mellon University (painting and sculpture) and the Gandy Brodie School of Fine Arts (painting).

Working representationally in oils and focusing on photography, Mr. Zimmerman has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions since 1972. He has worked as Photographer, Installer, Preparator, Technical Advisor/director, Photographer, Audio technician and Freelance Photographer.

Over the last five years he has concentrated on pinhold photographs, particularly in color. He is drawn to the nature surrounding him -- either the expanse of the dunes or the wonders of his vegetable garden.


My teacher, Gandy Brodie, taught me three things: single thing abides but flows. Fragment to fragment clings, thus things grow.

...You can't teach anyone something they don't already know.

...The most one can teach is one's own limitations.

The first has helped me find a thread in my own work which, remembering the other two, gives me the courage to share what I've learned with others. How those "fragments" grow is continually challenging to teach/learn more.

--James Zimmerman

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